Sunday, February 28, 2010

One last lurch

As we lurch from meal to meal, there was only one more lurch left today! It's Sunday so it had to be a bit special and we so look forward to eating out with little Kate.

Ben had booked at
Arenal down on the beach at Barceloneta, just in front of the Hospital del Mar, hopefully not connected. As we approached the restaurant I asked Paula whether we were eating in or out.

She said, 'oh outside, because they smoke inside.' Naturally, I was a tad confused. Evidently, when the smoking laws were introduced, such establishments had to decide whether to allow smoking or not and clearly display this. Spain is still a smokers paradise for a little while longer yet!

Anyway, what I was really looking forward to was eating some calçots. It's the season for said onion/leek vegetable and as far as I know you only get them in Catalunya. Delicious, cooked over an open fire and dipped in romesco sauce.

An excellent restaurant and one you'd only come across by chance if you didn't have the local knowledge.

Kate, as usual, was an absolute delight and a credit to her parents at only 22 months old. It was a real wrench leaving but, given all the scrumptious food we'd eaten, it was either that or burst.

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