Friday, July 31, 2009

Man flu

I knew it, I've got swine flu. Well, OK I've got a runny nose. I never have a runny nose! It's so bloody cold here you're bound to catch something. I've even started sneezing, which is also something I never do. Jeans and t-shirt weather it ain't, but that's all I've got. Bugger.

Last night, after a long wait, we got a decent Chinese meal. We've got a curry lined up for tonight, a Thai meal on Sunday, so somehow we had to squeeze in a Chinese. Bingo, got that one out of the way. Nobody searches out and eats good ethnic food as efficiently as we do.

Today was all about taking a lovely, 92 years old lady out for lunch, followed by a little (well actually a lot) of retail therapy at Marks and Spencer to buy some warm clothes.

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