Sunday, August 02, 2009

You looking at my yurt?

I've seen the yurt. Or, to be more precise, we attended a post nuptial party at J & H's yesterday, that was held in a yurt. Cool or what. It made a change from your traditional marquee, in fact it made a huge change. In a marquee you normally get to sit on a chair, at a table. There's nothing as fancy as that with a yurt. With a yurt you get to sit on cushions, on the floor, in a decadent Roman orgy kind of way. I threw my keys into the centre several times but nothing happened (I wonder why? - Ed)

Trouble is, I managed to get down OK but when Jan sent me on an errand (for her third helping of chicken, I think) I had trouble getting up. And, by the time I'd eventually heaved my sylph like frame from the floor, I'd forgotten what I'd set out for. Bugger.

Still, it was an excellent 'do', enlivened by one particular single lady who decided that she needed a man. Me and my new found buddy decided to help her find one and had a lot of fun drafting a suitable 'advert' and giving her lots of 'suitable' advice. A great deal of wine (or was it fermented yak's milk?) had flowed by this time. Excellent.

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