Sunday, July 26, 2009

The evil eye

Jan blames me for lots of things, but I'm sort of getting used to it. You'd be amazed at the problems I cause. Like the other day when she jumped a Stop sign. How was I to know that sitting quietly, scrunched up in my seat, waiting for the impact was going to make her drive through a Stop sign. It turns out that I make her nervous, so it's my fault, it's always my bloody fault. This ability to avoid accepting responsibilty for your actions is a very English thing. Still, I've got broad shoulders.

Well, now this problem has extended to my mother. We were eating at a pretty lousy Chinese resto in Nimes the other day (I know that all Chinese restaurants are lousy in Nimes, but someone said to give it a try) when my mother turned to me and said, "You're giving me indigestion." That was a new one. When I burst out laughing she turned to Jan and said, "It's his gaze."

So there you have it. Next time I look at you, have the bloody Gaviscon handy.

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