Thursday, July 16, 2009

The grass is greener

When I was younger I used to visit my grandmother in Italy. What I could never understand was why the apartment was always dark, with all the windows closed and the shutters down. They were smart in them there days and everything was done for a reason.

Well, now I know the answer. It keeps the place cool.

Now that I'm wiser (hmmm - Ed) you'd think that I would behave differently. It so goes against the grain to shut out all the sunlight, but common sense dictates that sunshine = hot and hot air = uncomfortable. Add to this a smattering of humidity then the whole business becomes quite unpleasant.

When I was in England a week or so back the cooler temperature were a pleasant relief. How come us mortals are never satisfied? Why is the grass always greener?

Whenever we go back to England, Jan continues to be amazed at the amount of choice the supermarkets offer.

What did my mother say the other day on a trip to Carrefour?

'You have so much choice in the supermarkets here in France.'

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