Wednesday, July 29, 2009


'Ello from a cold and wet 'Arrogate. With the temperature at 15C, it's exactly half of what we left 2 hours ago. Still, can't complain, it's quite refreshing.
Look, I don't want to put any ideas in your heads but having accompanied mum back from Girona, with wheelchair assistance, I gotta tell you that you don't half get good treatment. You get pushed around in a wheelchair (don't forget that some Ryanair gates are miles away), you get to the front of every queue, no waiting, and you even get assistance with a hydraulic lift on and off the plane with your own entrance. Good eh?
To top it all, we also got great service from Hertz. I had mum in a wheelchair and a trolley load of luggage. No problem said the nice Hertz lady. She sent a man to get the car and another assistant pushed mum out in the rain whilst I pushed the luggage. Good eh? All this for another few quid. It felt like a good deal to me!
Ah well, it's off for fish and chips tonight. Things just get better and better.

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