Thursday, July 30, 2009

From your motoring correspondent

I don't know about you, but I've always been very suspicious of cars like Kia, Daewoo etc. or basically anything that comes out of Korea. On this trip Hertz 'upgraded' me to a Kia Ceed and my first thought was it's a pile of shit and because I'm returning the car to Luton they're happy to get rid of it.

However, first impressions are good. It's a nice little car, it's comfortable, moves well, is reasonably well equipped and, it has a seven year warranty, which means that it will live longer than me (most things will live longer than you - Ed).

I don't know what they cost, or much else about the car, but if you're happy to see it become worthless the minute you put the key in the door and are happy to drive it into the ground, then it might not be a bad buy. It's worth checking out.

Having landed in Leeds, I'd arranged to meet Jan at Luton airport (don't ask) and it was a good journey. Unless of course you count the endless roadworks and the violent hailstorm that I drove through on the way down the M1. Oh yes, and the hailstorm that soaked me and battered my forehead as I walked from the car park to the terminal. Such joy.

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