Sunday, July 05, 2009

Sods law again

Hola from Girona. I'm on my way to the sunny north of England to pick up my aged mother and accompany her back to France.

Now, most normal people would avoid staying a night, on their own, in Girona, but the Ryanair flight is early in the morning and, as Girona airport is a straight three hour drive, it would mean leaving the house at 04.00 in the morning, with no allowance for problems along the way, stuff I used to do when I was younger but not now mes braves. I also know that if I miss a night's sleep I'll feel really bad the next day, so off I jolly well went.

Missing the best Wimbledon final for many years, I checked in and settled down for the night. Guess what? Hot and thirsty I woke at 03.00 and, I suppose mindful of not wanting to over sleep, dozed fitfully until 05.00. Bugger.

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