Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Can Barris

Hola from a sunny Barcelona. Needing to get from Girona to Leeds later this week, we decided to take a couple of days R&R before the flight (Your life is one permanent R&R - Ed). This kills several birds with one stone. Mum has a nice break to her stay and gets to stay in Barcelona before flying back, we all get to see Paula, Ben and the delightful Kate and, more importantly, I get to eat arroz negro on the seafront in Sitges. Everybody's happy!

We do seem to get lucky with restaurants. On the drive to Barca we headed for Can Xiguet a good restaurant about 7 kilometers from the airport. We got there and found that it was shut for the holidays but I noticed another place that we had passed that had a very full car park.

What a good find. If you like snails then this is the place for you. But since I'd given up eating snot when I was two, I (we) settled for some other food. And very good it was too. Can Barris is just a bit closer to the airport than Can Xiguet and I'd recommend either of them unreservedly.

To get to either of them, leave the AP 7 at junction 8 (the airport turnoff) and head towards Cassa. Can Barris is about 6 Kms on the right and Can Xiguet about a kilometer further on.

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