Monday, February 19, 2007

Understanding French

Before we knew it we were 3-1 down. The 'lads' (they're younger than us) seem to warm up quickly and are very keen to beat us. Anyway, we slowly hauled them in and got back to 5-5, when Milton twisted his ankle. The rest was easy, keep the ball on him and make him move. OK, I know that's not very nice but this is war. Kick 'em when they're down I say!

By the way, I found this picture of the perfect doubles partner. Sorry, William.


Jan is getting better slowly and finds it easier to walk each day. She'll be cooking a storm by Wednesday. Yippee!


What is the worst word that you will ever hear in French? Let me tell you. The word is 'normalement' - normally, as in 'I will come back next week to finish the job.' This word, when uttered by a French artisan, means - 'look pal, we both think that I'm good but I am very busy and I haven't left enough time to finish your job and I've promised someone else that I'll start theirs. If by some miracle I have a spare day next week I'll come back and finish your job but I suspect that hell will freeze over first. I have so many jobs to finish, because I'm absolutely useless at managing my time, that you will have to wait until I can't stand you ringing me any more to come and finish your job.'
And there you were thinking that English was a very expressive language.

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