Thursday, February 22, 2007

This is not service as we know it Jim

I like Lidl. I have to admit to being a shopping snob. I visited Lidl once a few years ago and couldn't wait to get out. It was an absolute mess and didn't stock anything that I remotely recognised. Anyway, they remodeled our local one in Sommieres and we decided to give it another go. Well, I'm hooked. This is one cheap store and, based upon what we buy, the quality appears good. What's more they have this centre section where they sell a whole bunch of things that you never knew you needed. My best purchase today was a kite. The beach down at L'Espiguette (photo) is huge and cries out for kite fliers. We'll be down there soon!


Now Jan is a gentle soul (not like you, you grumpy old sod - Ed.) but even she gets fed up with rude shoppers, cashiers or shop assistants. We're in Weldoms and some idiot, who has been queuing like the rest of us gets to the cash desk and then hails a passing 'expert' and the makes the queue wait until he has sorted out his problems. When Jan gets to the till, she is half way through paying when the cashier takes a phone call (without any acknowledgement) and then spends ages trying to connect two people. Service levels in this part of the world are terrible and it happens more and more. I'm going to start getting more vociferous. Watch the sparks fly (or you get thumped - Ed.).

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