Saturday, February 24, 2007

Gli Azzurri

We didn't like the look of Max's stitches last night so we made a quick trip to the vet. The stitches were made from metal with twisted ends sticking out all over the place and, in some places, they didn't look like they were holding much together. I asked the vet why they used metal instead of any other type and she said is was to discourage the dog from licking the wound. Hmnnn, not sure about that one. It certainly didn't stop Max licking his! Anyway, she removed the stitches, albeit a few days early, and re-bandaged his leg. This time he was a big brave boy, much braver than I would have been under the circumstances.


It rained a lot over night and it was quite wet and gloomy when I woke, so a trip to Sommieres looked doubtful. Having said, that the sun came out at about 10.00 and Sommieres was back on the agenda. It was a good table with the usual misfits, all in good form, and all looking forward to the rugby this afternoon. The first match on was Scotland, who were at home to Italy. Italy, who played out of their olive coloured skins, were, within 7 (yes you read that right, 7) minutes, 21 points ahead, having scored three tries. From that point on they didn't look back. To top it all, Jan made me a celebratory apple cake. Does life get any better? Well, certainly not for England, who were second on, and who were comprehensively thumped by a rampant Irish team. OK, one out of two is still a result for me. France won the third game but I couldn't watch it all because I was suffering from a good dose of rugby fatigue.

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