Thursday, February 15, 2007

Gurbanguly Berdymukhamedov

This morning I read about this chap who has been voted in as President of Turkmenistan. My theory is that by the time a voter had finished reading his name he/she would get fed up and couldn't be bothered to read any more. So they just marked his name with the cross, and he won.

Jan had a fever yesterday afternoon so it was off to the doctor this morning. Her ongoing leg problem has surfaced again so it was back to bed today with lots of medicine and daily injections. Poor thing.
Vincent D turned up expectantly this afternoon with his mini pel to start spreading more gravel. When we moved here, I took the decision fairly early on that anything other than gravel would be expensive or hard work. We now have acres of gravel, as far as the eye can see, that covers a lot of sins and just needs 'topping up' now and again. There's pretty.
With Jan bedridden, I had to cook myself some dinner (say ahhhh - Ed.) so I made pasta al broccoli. One of my favourites and the sort of food I like when I feel threatened (as it were). Cook broccoli heads, drain, and then cook the pasta in the water that you cooked the broccoli. Drain and mix together together with olive oil and chili flakes to taste. Not that you can taste much after I have finished with the chili.

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