Saturday, March 25, 2006

Peter buys a drink

After a leisurely breakfast it was off to Sommieres for the market. We hadn't been to the market for ages but because H&E wanted to go and because the weather was so pleasant it was an attractive proposition. As usual, we met lots of people that we know, but the highlight has to be that Peter Hornby actually got round to buying me a drink. I have mentioned Peter before because he runs the very successful Languedoc Page. Normally I'm a forgiving soul but I had no sympathy when he eventually got up to buy a bottle because he was the only one who could get up from the table without dislodging several people. When it came to my turn to buy, I sensibly called the waiter over and asked him for the same again. It transpired that we had drunk so many bottles that my bottle was offered free. Whilst Peter's bottle tasted good, mine tasted even better. Cheers Peter.
On market days the cafe that we frequent spills out onto the street and our table stuck out well into the road. We stayed until after the market had finished and the stall holders had cleared the street. What was funny, was that as the street got back to normal, the drivers of cars that were having to squeeze past us, apologised at having to disturb us. Now that's what I call people power. Vive la revolution! Such is life at Sommieres market.


Talking about vive la revolution, this article is interesting and helps to put some of the recent unrest with the young and the new employment contract into some kind of context. As far as I'm concerned, the notion of jobs for life disappeared with the dodo (and so will France as an economic power unless the French start to see some sense). What I find interesting about all this is that I had no idea that French attitudes were so self centred and deeply entrenched. The next few years will be very interesting.


Tonight Jan prepared cheese soufflé, slow cooked lamb and minted strawberries for dinner. All washed down with a few bottles from Domaine de Baubiac. My new best friend.

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