Friday, March 24, 2006

A French truckstop

Harold and Elizabeth arrived today to stay for a few nights. Until recently they lived in the village, but moved to Agen (about 4 hours away) last year. Their visit is about meeting up with old friends.
First stop this evening was Ray and Val's for 'aperos' before we headed to the relais in nearby Montmirat for a cheap and cheerful 4 course, 11 euros meal, wine included (how do they do it?). Each course has a choice from 3, I had eggs mimosa, steak and chips, cheese, crème caramel and as much wine as I could drink. All this for 11 euros (£7.85). It's no wonder that they are always full at lunchtime. Unfortunately, at this time of year they only open Friday and Saturday evening. Good value.
With regards to my rant yesterday, regarding Norman Kember, it seems that I'm not alone. Take a look at this site for lots more comment.

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