Wednesday, January 12, 2011

A question

Has anyone figured out what exactly he won't do?


Jean said...

He wouldn't lie to her, leave her or cheat on her. It's all in the lyrics of the song, my all-time favourite rock anthem.
I hadn't seen this youtube video before, thank you for showing it.

Alex said...

Thanks Jean. I was driving back from Carcassonne yesterday and realised that I hadn't a clue what he was talking about. I'm guilty of not listening too hard to lyrics (when you can hear them) but soak up the general sound. A great song, I agree.

Jean said...

Ah, now I understand - I wondered why you wrote this post.

This song was "our song" ie the one that was heard everywhere when I got together with my present husband (!). We played it over and over and it was prominent at all the motorcycle rallies we went to regularly in those days.
We then went to see Meatloaf at Sheffield Arena and it was the biggest disappointment. The seats were terrible - all the audience stood up the minute he arrived on stage and all I ever saw was a glimpse of his knees between other peoples' heads as he flitted across the stage. The sound was awful and he was off-key and off-time. This song was performed in such a badly laboured fashion that it was painful to listen to. We considered walking out but having forked out a small fortune for the tickets we stayed until the bitter end to get our money's worth and in case it got better, which it didn't.
I still love the song, though, so thanks again for posting the video - the bit with the bikes is great.