Thursday, January 13, 2011

A new national anthem

I can't remember what game it was but I do remember being recently embarrassed at the UK national anthem. I think it was a football match and they played the opposing team's anthem first. This anthem was bright and breezy and quite uplifting. They then played God save the Queen and I remember thinking that it was terrible. A slow, painful dirge.
Which got me to thinking about what would be better. When you add to this the need for all the team to sing and 'bond', I came up with the following.
The team wouldn't have to remember the words and could join in with the dance. Can you imagine this. It would be hilarious, be one in the eye for Johnny foreigner, totally incomprehensible to them and great fun. Take a look at this and imagine Wayne Rooney doing it.

If that doesn't rock your boat how about this next one? Remember it has to be something appropriate, that eleven grown men can perform and be uplifting for the thousands who have paid good money to see them getting humiliated in the game.


Mother Theresa said...

Oh yes, national anthems should be fun! As much as I like the birdie dance, I think I'd pick the second one. That's just hilarious! And come to think of it, Spain should make La Macarena their national anthem. It would have been fun to see everyone doing that when Spain won the World Cup this summer. :D

Alex said...

Hi T, a great idea.

Jean said...

Oh how I wish I hadn't clicked on that birdie song - I can't get it out of my head now.