Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Nuts or no nuts. That is the question

You're supposed to have a lie in on your birthday but no such luck today. We had an early start to take Max (his birthday was yesterday) to the vet for a minor op. I suspect that vets are much cheaper here in France than England and as he has had a minor recurring problem on his leg we decided to get it fixed here.
Added to that, I remembered a conversation that we had some time ago with an elderly Australian vet. He said that he had castrated all his male dogs and that as a result they had no health problems in later years. The only dog he didn't neuter had problems.
So I will discuss this with the vet as well.

In a previous life you were entitled to a day off from the company on your birthday. I don't remember taking too many days off cos that was for wimps.

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Craig said...

I think that your Australian vet is correct. Our Boris is the healthiest OES we've had but also the most contented (at least I perceive him as being contented!)