Monday, January 17, 2011

A good plumber

As I write I'm waiting for the plumber. Why do we always have to wait for a plumber? It has to be the best profession for those who want a blue collar job. There are never enough good ones around.
My daughter Cara once told me that she was thinking of a plumbing career specialising as a female only plumbing service. I have to say that I encouraged her but eventually she developed a successful, desk bound, career in a very large software house.
Anyway, one strange feature of the otherwise lovely house that we are currently living in is that one of the upstairs toilets has been plumbed with hot water.
I know a good plumber here and based on what I have seen him investigate so far, it isn't going to be easy to change it over but I know he'll come up with a solution.


Shaveta said...

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nutrendmedia said...

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nutrendmedia said...

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Davidjohn said...

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Claire Hast said...

Dear Alex, Plumbing is a good business, I totally agree with you. An expert plumber ought to be great in managing customers and other people for them to succeed in their employments. plumbers meet and associate with different types of customers and that is the reason they should have great interpersonal aptitudes. Plumbers should take care about the time as well :)

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