Sunday, January 30, 2011

One for the road

One thing we will definitely miss when we move back to England is the Saturday morning meet at Elie's bar in Sommieres.
Not only is it a very good market but we usually meet up with friends and chew the fat. Bryan and I had already decided that we were going to have a kebab so despite the fact that it was very cold and pissing down and most of the stalls had packed up and gone home a few of us hardy souls sat under the not so green outdoor heater and supped our vin chaud whilst sorting out the world's problems.
For once there was no problem getting a table because all the sensible people had decided to either give it a miss or go home early. In fact we were the only hardy souls sitting under the arches and, as a measure of thanks, Elie offered us all a drink on the house.
What he was actually saying was it's time to go folks and I want to pack your table and put it away so drink up and get lost. Still, who could resist the kind offer?


Jean said...

I have very fond memories of a place called Sommieres. Is that the Sommieres where they filmed Manon des Sources etc.? If so, I envy you that you are able to go there for the market and a vin chaud.
It was the only place in France where we saw another standard poodle. He was 18 months old and the owner said her previous poodle lived to be "vingt et un". There are very few standard poodles in France, you see, only zillions of the little ones......

Alex said...

Yes that was the place. I'm told that the bar where we sit was a shop in the film for all of a second or two. I love standard poodles, had one myself many moons ago, but as you say you don't see them here.