Tuesday, January 18, 2011

I need my vitamins

So the conversation goes like this.

ME (in France): Hi love, how ya doin'?

JAN (in England): Fine, I'm getting on well. Do Max and Minnie miss me?

ME: Yes, they mention it all the time.

JAN: Don't be sarcastic.

ME: Talking about M&M, some bad news, they caught and killed a cat last night.

JAN: Oh no, oh no. (Jan likes puddy cats.)

ME: What exactly did you think they were going to do when they caught one?

JAN: Are they OK?

ME: Well Max was looking a bit funny at my leg last night but I don't think he's got the blood lust yet.

Bla, bla bla, twenty minutes later.

ME: OK, I'd better go now. I need to see what little delicacy I can rustle up for tonight's feast.

JAN: Give the dogs a kiss from me and tell them not to be naughty and that I love them.

ME (trying my hardest to sound sincere): Sure honey, will do.

Twenty minutes later I had to stop when I found myself telling the dogs that Jan didn't approve of their killing but that she loved them anyway.
See what a lack of nourishment does for you.

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