Sunday, January 23, 2011

Back home

We were having an excellent dinner at The Sportsman's Arms last night and I mentioned to mum that we'd seen the Ripon Hornblower and that he'd given us a 'lucky' wooden penny. I'd got one for her and gave it to her.
She was tickled pink, as you would be when someone gives you a small piece of wood, and was interested in the story that the ceremony had been enacted without break for over a thousand years.
Mum's reaction to this piece of news? "So it's not always the same man then?"

Anyway, when we left Ripon this morning it was cloudy, dark, damp and 6C. When we arrived in Carcassonne it was sunny but very cold with a biting wind and 2C. I don't suppose it's very often that it's warmer in Yorkshire than the south of France, assuming of course that Carcassonne qualifies as the south of France.


Jean said...

But in the south of France it was sunny.....I know which I would prefer...I'll swap you sunny & cold for Yorkshire damp any day.

Alex said...

Hi Jean, I agree but a note of caution. The winds here can be vicious and should be considered for anyone contemplating a move to France. The Mistral blows down the Rhone valley and the Tramontane blows over in the west. If I were to look for a house now I'd pick an area between Nimes to the east and Beziers to the west.