Wednesday, December 08, 2010


I'm not convinced about Wikileaks motives and frankly hiding behind journalistic rules is, for me, laughable.

The so called 'great and the good' came out to offer their support for Assange's bail and one of them defended 'the public's right to know.' I think that's bollocks. Nobody has the right to know everything. This all 'human rights' nonsense and has nothing to do with why he was in court anyway. Conspiracy theorists will no doubt disagree.

Very little of what I've seen so far is real news. Any sensible guess would have come up with the same information. The US were grossly negligent in allowing this stuff into the public domain and Wikileaks are nothing but mischievous in releasing it. If anybody gets hurt as a result of 'the leaks' then they deserve to be punished.

Hacking attacks like this only add to my uncomfortable feeling about Wikileaks.

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Craig said...

Couldn't agree more.