Saturday, December 18, 2010

Intrepid (stupid) travellers

Something inside me says that we're mad, because we set off for the UK this morning by car. There's snow forecast pretty much along the whole route. 

Tonight we're scheduled to stop near Troyes for a slap up meal and a good night's sleep but just in case we are never seen again, Happy Christmas you lucky folks, it was nice knowing you.


Jean said...

Dont forget your thermos flask, your thermal underwear, snow shovel, sleeping bag, sandwiches and flares. I mean the alerting kind, not the alarming kind !!

Happy Christmas, hope you make it.

Craig said...

Yep, you're mad alright. It even snowed here in Ayrshire today and we weren't supposed to have any. Supposed to be better tomorrow so perhaps you might be lucky.