Thursday, December 16, 2010

Feeling good

Today, 16th December is the feast of St Alice.

Like you, I had no idea that there is/was a St Alice.

St Alex - I know there's one of them.

All this information and all of it free! You lucky people.

With a trip coming up later this week, we cleaned out the car this morning.  I love a clean car and I love cleaning it, and I want Jan to share that feeling so we both got involved. The upside of this is that she might get to like it so much that I never have to clean it again. You can only live in hope.

Not only do I feel better, but I'm sure the car drives more quickly and more smoothly. ( I know someone you should talk to - Ed) Anyway, the weather isn't looking too bright for the journey at the moment and as it's hardly a life or death trip then we will attempt it and stop if it gets too hairy. 

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Craig said...

I know exactly what you mean. I always feel like my car drives better after it's been cleaned inside and out! Have a safe trip.