Sunday, August 01, 2010

A new find

Friday was fun. In the morning I had a test d'effort in Nimes and, despite Dr F pointing out that I ran out of steam earlier than when I weighed a lot more, I passed with flying colours (for an old git - Ed). I seem to remember that Jim Fox said pretty much the same thing just before he went out for his last jog.

In the afternoon it was off for wine tasting with Glyn and Gill. First off we hit Domaine de l'Hortus. As we entered the cave, in the distance we could see two women talking animatedly near the tasting table. They were very friendly and agreed to a tasting. You could tell that something was wrong when we were offered the top end white before the second. Bells started to ring when at one point one of the women suggested that we add cassis to a nine euros bottle of white to make it more palatable and more alcoholic. Whilst this was going on another, younger woman entered and took over the tasting. What really made us fall about laughing was that the two original women then picked up their buckets and mops and went off to finish their cleaning duties. Excellent.

We then moved on to a new find. G&G had recently drunk a really nice white from Chateau La Clotte-Fontane which they were told was near Salinelle. We searched and searched and couldn't find the place but eventually we found a chap in Lecque who gave us proper directions. What a find. We have lived here for eight years and had no knowledge of this place. Alaine the winemaker showed us around and we tasted some excellent whites and reds all very reasonably priced. Recommended.

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