Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Moving on

It looks like we have sold our house. What a long drawn out process it has been, not made any easier by fairly useless estate agents, some very silly viewers (I want to be near the shops! - so why are you looking in a small country village?) and a stagnant (at our house price bracket) market.

We had two offers on the house and both parties approached us directly, thereby avoiding the large (30,000 euros) estate agent fees. We had no offers at all through any of the estate agents. Amazing.

Having said that, the day after we signed the compromis de vente an agent brought us a couple who wanted to make an offer. Sods law at its best.

I suppose the main problem here is that the housing market just isn't as big or as vibrant as we are used to.

Anyway, assuming that the sale goes through and at the moment that looks solid, it appears that we will be moving in October. We now have some serious thinking to do but in the meantime we have found a lovely house to rent in nearby Aigremont.


Boris said...

Congratulations to you both. Couldn't agree more regarding French estate agents - worse than useless for the most part.
So you're staying in the area?

Alex said...

Thanks Clive. The chances are we'll move near to Harrogate. My mother is at the stage where she needs more practical help. However we can't move the dogs until Minnie has passed her blood test which she failed last time. That will keep us here until Feb/March next year.

martin said...

It won't be the same without your posts from down there. i hope that life will be as rich in stories up north.
I am sure that there will plenty of adventures. Hope all goes well.

Alex said...

Thanks Martin, that's kind of you. I'm sure it will.

Boris said...

Ah, got it! Probably not a bad idea anyway, enjoy a last winter in France and have a spring and summer to get used to things here again. Best of luck.

Jacqui U said...

Congrats on selling, but sadness that you will be leaving France & all your friends here behind.

Best of luck though & hope it all works out as you wish!

Jacqui & Family

Alex said...

Thanks Jacqui. We'll miss you all as well.