Monday, August 30, 2010

I've got an allergy

I have a problem with people who say that they are allergic to stuff, particularly foodstuffs. How many times have you heard someone tell you that they're allergic, when you suspect that they just don't like it. 

It's hard to argue with someone who says they're allergic but more difficult as an adult to say, 'I don't like it.' Especially when the answer to, 'have you ever tried it?, is usually, 'no.' 

With that in mind I noticed this morning in Sainsbury's a shelf of stuff with nothing in it. 'Gluten, wheat, dairy, fat and sugar free' the poster proclaimed. This stuff, whatever it was, so was so free of ingredients that it had disappeared up its own ass.

Anyway, who says that old people don't have a sense of humour. I was watching the Grand Prix this afternoon with my mother, who doesn't like motor racing, when a car spun out of control and stopped blocking half the track. Realising that it was very dangerous the driver jumped out and ran away. "Has he stopped to go for a pee?" said my aged mother mischievously.

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Craig said...

well, given that it was Alonso who was blocking half the track and he's proven himself to be a bit of a piss artist... I think your mother got it just about right!