Tuesday, August 10, 2010

A good find

This isn't going to be of interest to anyone other than someone from around here but I've found a really good tea/coffee/goodies shop in Sommieres.

Situated next to the Cave Cooperative is The MF Café, Route de Saussine, which is open from 08.00 to 18.00 every day except Sunday. Inside it's all swish modern (far too posh for the likes of us) but if you have aspirations above your station and a modicum of good taste, then this is the place for you.

When I need my afternoon sugar fix we wander down for a bit lot of what I fancy.

Tea, all 67 varieties, coffee, chocolate, ice cream and lots of little cakey things and smart little gifts. The gifts are so nice that I had to buy myself something. That's how nice they are!

They've spent a lot of money and good taste on this place so I don't expect it to last long. Get there soon, it's way too good for around here.


Jean said...

That's interesting. I have an ambition to open a cake/coffee/gift shop myself. I wonder how long this one will last. A lot depends on the overheads. Keep us posted, please !!

Alex said...

Hi Jean, this a relatively poor area not used to cafes such as this. I've mentioned it to one or two people who said they knew of it but each time we have visited it has been empty. It would be better situated in a larger town with a more sophisticated clientèle. We shall see.

Boris said...

You're quite right Alex. A similar cafe opened in Cognac last year and although it was right up our street, the locals didn't support it at all. Is yours French owned and run? That might help.

Alex said...

Yes, it's French run. I hope they do well. I like trying their stuff. Jan was volunteered to count how many teas they offer. 67 was the answer. I just don't see it working but genuinely good luck to them.

mpprh said...

I was there today around 14.15, pretending to read the menu whilst standing under the cooling water vapour.

I was waiting for someone in the bank and the car was stifling in the sun.

How long do you give the new Creperie ?