Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Quantum of Solace

The world has gone mad, or rather the movie studios have. They should be pleased and flattered that anyone would want to copy their bloody films.

We watched Quantum of Solace the other night and I thought that it was unmitigated rubbish.

The actions scenes were so jerky, flashing way to quickly from one scene to another, that it made me feel sick and, as usual, the dialogue was barely discernible. When not feeling sick you had to concentrate hard to listen to what was being said and to understand the plot. JB kept turning up in different parts of the world and I've no idea why (this could be related to your age - Ed).

In my opinion it was a poor film and, if you've got nothing better to do, then go ahead and waste your time and money copying it.


Boris said...

I'm with you Alex. I won't waste our money on this one. I bought the DVD of the last one and gave up after 20 minutes. The excessive advertisement placements were out of control. And... it wasn't that brilliant a film anyway.
Who is it that is watching this crap anyway?

Sandy said...

You guys should check out Wolverine w/ Hugh Jackman and "I love You Man" Jason Segel....good dude flics.

Jan said...

Ah, but Daniel Craig................