Friday, May 29, 2009

Le Darling

It was day two of the Feria de Pentecote in Nîmes last night and, like in previous years, the place was heaving. Having said that the event seems to have been taken over by the young (I know, I know, I sound old) and it wasn't a particularly good experience. Bar after bar, many of them side by side, were trying to outdo one another with the sound level of drum and bass type music. The noise was deafening and not too pleasant. Having said that you didn't feel threatened and everyone appeared to be enjoying themselves.

We, on the other hand, were out celebrating a friend's birthday with a meal at Darling, rue Madeleine, which happened to be in the thick of it all. This was our second visit in as many years so we didn't know what to expect. Overall the food was good. There were two menus, three courses for 42€ and four courses for 45€. The choice was good and the food was well cooked and beautifully presented. Good wines could be had at 26€. There were also lots of interesting bits served in between courses. Service was friendly, deft and professional. Jan thought that there was a little too much style over substance, but in my opinion, if you want an interesting meal in the middle of Nîmes in stylish surroundings, not overpriced, then I think you'll like it.

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