Thursday, May 14, 2009

Baise moi

A piece this morning on BBC Breakfast, about promoting Blackpool as a French tourist venue, reminded me of a French chap whom I met a year or so back. In his prime he was a vaudeville foot juggler and he met his English wife whilst on tour. He loved Blackpool. Said it was one of the best places he had ever visited.
Anyway, at one point the reporter doing the piece put on a 'Kiss Me Quick' hat. This made me wonder what the French equivalent would say. The French for 'to kiss' is baiser but baiser has other meanings.

I remember Jan once saying to a Frenchman during the traditional three kisses greeting, that he shouldn't kiss her because she had a cold. What she actually said in French was, "Don't fuck me because I've got a cold."

As an aside, whilst writing this, I asked Jan (cos she's got an o level) for the correct French spelling of the title above. She told me that it should be baisez until I pointed out that when you ask someone to take you to bed that you had probably moved into a tu relationship.

(By the way, he came back later, when I was feeling better - Jan).

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