Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Nearly my last ever post

I've mentioned before that the driving is so poor around these parts that almost without fail we see an 'incident' every time we leave the house. It's always some type of stupid, dangerous driving that could easily result in a serious accident. More often than not it's overtaking on a blind bend.
Anyway, yesterday, we were very nearly wiped out. We were driving from Sommieres to home, just after the narrow bridge, heading towards quite a sharp left hand bend. Well blow me but a huge articulated lorry came round the bend so fast that the driver had difficulty controlling the beast. It moved over to our side of the road and the trailer started to slide and lean, taking up even more of our side of the road. God only knows how we missed it. I thought the trailer would at the very least take the side of the car off, if not flatten us. I swerved as far over as I could without sticking us in the ditch and held on for dear life. The bastard. I could gladly stick pins in the stupid prick's eyes. It was very, very scary. It's no wonder that motoring insurance costs are so high in this department.

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