Friday, October 17, 2008

Gatwick airport

I hate Gatwick airport. It's no wonder that BAA want to sell it. It needs billions spending on it to get it up to speed with newer airports. It's crowded, poorly signed, tries to take a lot of money off you and is generally a poor travelling experience.

I hate the piss poor security area. You queue to put your possessions through security screening, then you have to walk through a metal detector and then you get frisked. Somewhat relieved you then get to another security check. What now? No, I don’t want to take my shoes off. You've done everything except a rectal examination. Do I look like a fucking terrorist? And, by the way, neither does that little grey haired lady standing next to you. The whole process is very demeaning, way over the top and frankly unnecessary. Has anyone stopped to think that the last two terrorist events were on a bus and on the underground and were committed by people who looked like they might possibly be terrorists. The day that a white, fat, middle class man or woman blows up a plane then by all means search everyone but until that day fuck off and leave us alone!

As we were travelling cattle class with easyJet this morning and had a couple of hours before the flight, I decided to try one of the airport lounges. It was excellent. You leave the poor people behind. You leave football shirted oiks behind. You leave screaming kids behind. You sink into a tranquil, wood panelled, soft armchaired, luxurious world of free everything. Breakfast in the main departure lounge costs the same as entrance to this haven of luxury. The shopping areas are also miles away so you (Jan) save a fortune by not browsing the shops because you're bored. This is the life for me, this is the life to which I was born. It’s a no brainer!

The easyJet flight was very good and it was warm and sunny when we landed. It was good to be back.

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