Friday, October 03, 2008

The EU

Frankly, with its 23 official languages, I've never been a fan of the EU. To expect 12, never mind 27 sovereign nations to agree on any major initiative is pure fantasy. Its motto is 'United in Diversity'. Bollocks, when the chips are down and tough decisions have to be made, history shows that every country looks after itself and couldn't care less about 'the common good'. This mammoth, money eating bureaucratic nightmare, that spends 40% of its budget on just 5% of the population, is so corrupt that it has never even had its books signed off by the auditors.

It is, in my mind, a huge, expensive joke. Somewhere in its mammoth machinery there is a department dedicated to re-numbering the motorways of Europe. I can't wait for our nearest motorway, the A9 or the E17 according to Brussels, to finish somewhere near Turkey. It will certainly help all those transcontinental idiots who don't know which country they're in, or those who can't read a map, to get from A to B. I'd hate to think that anybody was wasting their time!!

Good old Sarko is trying his best to become an international statesman but his latest initiative looks like it has hit the dust. More fool him for trying!

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