Thursday, October 09, 2008

The end of summer

Whilst the days have been gloriously warm and sunny recently, nights have been cold and the water temperature in the pool is low. It's time to cover the pool. This involves a good clean, the addition of some kind of nuclear fuel to stop algae forming, lowering the water level and reinstalling the little pegs around the pool which will hold the cover in place. To help prevent against the lateral pressure of melting ice, Jan and I spent some time placing floats (above), across the diagonal, in the pool. The theory being that should the water ice over and then melt, the floats will contract, rather than the ice forcing the walls apart. A tad cautious perhaps but, believe me, the water has frozen over at least twice in the last six years and the bill to fix cracks in the wall could be huge.

Anyway, we covered the pool today and I had this strange sensation. A sense of loss. With sadness, it signified the end of summer. Strange, I've never felt that before.

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