Thursday, April 13, 2006

Que tal?

I have mentioned before about poor service that I have experienced from French companies. Well, I have to make a retraction. I have just bought a pool alarm, as required under French law, and I felt happier installing it if I had an English translation of the instructions. I called Aqualarm and asked the lady who answered the phone if she spoke English. She kindly confirmed that she did and when I asked if she could send me a copy she said, "Certainly Mr Hampshire, I'll send it today." You could have knocked me down with a feather, because at no time had I given my name or any other details about myself. By way of explanation, she told me that her computer picks up the number that I am calling from and ties it in to the registration details that I had previously provided when I registered the product. Now that's a cool system. Very impressive.
I took Glyn and Gill to my new best friends at Domaine de Baubiac for a little tasting this afternoon. We have a few people coming for dinner tomorrow (16 in all) and I needed some more supplies. In fact Ben (Jan's eldest), Paula (Ben's Spanish wife) and Ave (pronounced Abe - v's are pronounced as b's in Spanish - Paula's mum) arrived tonight to stay for a couple of days. We always enjoy their company because they are good fun and easy going. They brought some Spanish specialties for the dinner tomorrow and in particular a vegetable called calçots (the link tells you everything you need to know) which is a Spanish specialty and is in season right now. They are cooked over an open fire then eaten with your hands after being dipped in romesco sauce. Delicious but very, very messy. In addition to this they brought various Spanish sausages which are traditionally cooked in the embers of the fire. Something to look forward to!

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