Thursday, September 23, 2010

Yet more strikes

Another series of national, bloody strikes today which means all the kids will be at home and which means another piss poor internet service for our already overstretched village.

Whenever the kids are at home downloading all their trash (as opposed to my trash) it's really difficult to get a decent service. You have to get up early, as the service gets progressively worse during the morning as the little darlings emerge from their stinking pits. And, before you complain, I've had kids!

When the service is bad it can be worse than dial-up. As long as we have lived here there have been many people in the village who can't get broadband at all because there is 'no more capacity.'

Anybody would think that we live in a small village in rural France.


Craig said...

Ah... 13.8mb/sec in rural ecosse this am. There's got to be an upside to the torrential rain here.

Alex said...

OK, so you've got good internet and crap weather, and today we've got poor internet and crap weather. But it might be sunny tomorrow!

mpprh said...

Anybody would think that we live in a small village in rural France ... buying wine at tuppence per gallon.