Thursday, September 16, 2010

Raise your hands before I shoot

As a failed, lapsed, excommunicated Catholic, I still have a morbid fascination for things Papal (or is that PayPal?).

Whilst watching his underwhelming reception in Edinburgh this morning I felt it was very inappropriate that, for a man of peace, they should have a welcoming guard of soldiers.

Having said that, the fact that they were all wearing skirts must have made him feel very at home. I guess they factored all that in.

Before he climbed into his thirty car motorcade (who gets to ride in all those cars?), they checked his passport and frisked him in a white tent at the bottom of the stairs (to the plane) and checked his hand luggage to ensure that he wasn't carrying too much holy water and that what he had was in a clear, holy plastic bag of the right size and the water was in suitably sized containers. Pope or no Pope, you can't be too careful you know!

Anyway, from there it was on to Holyrood Palace to be met by a guard from The Royal Company of Archers. Amazing, I've never seen these guys before and they were actually carrying bows and arrows.

I couldn't stop laughing. Give me an AK 47 anytime.

Imagine the scene at the quartermaster stores for a new recruit.

'Here's your bow and arrows son and your new brown trousers. You'll be needing them!'

Someone needs to have a word with the Scottish parliament and get them to ease up a bit on their defence budget. Excellent.


Craig said...

Please don't make fun of our armed forces... it's all that we have left since Hadrian's wall crumbled.
We like to think of the Archers as our version of Trident...just not quite as expensive or politically incorrect.

Alex said...

Excellent. Thanks Craig.