Wednesday, September 08, 2010

A bit of a scare

Coming back from dinner with friends last night was very scary. It had been raining heavily over the last couple of days and whilst there had been a few local problems it hadn't affected us. The road to our friends was clear with no sign of problems. After three hours that all changed.

Just outside Lezan, at the roundabout with  the Anduze road, the flood water was so deep (about 1 meter) that it was impossible to see where the road began and finished and which direction to take. It was very dark and I was in the flood water before I could do anything about it.

Added to that a huge lorry coming in the other direction wanted to get passed and was blocking the road.

Added to that I thought I was nearer to a roundabout than I actually was and was about to turn fall off the road and get into a right mess in a deep ditch.

Added to that it was impossible to turn around.

Luckily my trusty local navigator was with me and pointed out the error of my ways. For once she got it right (well done that woman - Ed) and saved us from a real problem.

We bought the Jeep about eight years ago as a result of the flooding problems around here in September 2002. You can always expect heavy rain at this time of  the year but since then it has hardly rained, bugger. Anyway, until last night I was beginning to think that maybe the purchase was an over reaction. Not so mes braves. The extra height off the road allowed us to drive through the unexpected flood water and get home safely. Phew.

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Craig said...

Glad you are both safe. Almost makes you wish for UK sunshine no? (Well for today at least)!