Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Where is it?

One thing that continually pisses me off about life in France is the poor service I get from my bank. I bank with Credit Agricole.

I deposited CASH in one of their branches at 15.45 on Monday 27th September. I have the automated machine receipt to prove it. I checked my account at 09.45 on Wednesday 29th September and it didn't show.

What oh what is going on? I realise and sympathise that employees suffer from having to work 35 hours a week and this results in the need for more automation, but a fancy new automated machine takes my cash and seemingly refuses to give it up.

This is cash for goodness sake. Where is it. What have they done with it? Where does it spend its time for 42 hours? Certainly not in my account.

I remember a time when I exceeded my overdraft by €100 over a month end. My account handler was on the phone to me at dawn on the first of the month. 

Now that is good service!!


Later this afternoon I received the following email:

it is 2 days before it si credited on your account because there is a verification of the amount first by an external company according to the amount
it should be credited this afternoon
also they told me at the branch that if you put cash in before midday it is quicker for the credit into the account

So there you have it. The largest bank in France doesn't trust its own staff to count cash and requires two days to credit a cash deposit to your account. 



Craig said...

I suspect that it's you personally they don't trust, not all customers. Everyone else's money is probably in the account within 5 minutes.
You do look a bit shifty...

Alex said...

Hands up. As usual, you got it in one.