Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Is that a ferret in your trousers?

Now that it looks like Yorkshire will eventually be our new home I've started elocution lessons for Jan.

She may have an A level in English but she only ever uses southern poofter type words and phrases so I've got a challenge on my hands to get her to talk properly.

Today we started with simple stuff. I started by explaining what a ferret is and how this word will be used in everyday speech.

I had to explain the meaning of 'nowt' and 't'mill' and the meaning of 'eebagum'.

I have to say that she caught on quickly and we agreed that I'd give her some everyday words each morning and she'd have to incorporate them into a sentence by the end of the day.

Today's words were 'bairn' (child), 'beck' (brook), 'biggerstang' (scaffold pole - a bit more advanced) and 'wang' (throw). Today's phrase was 'put wood i'the'oil' (close the door).

We'll see how she gets on.


Jan said...

Ecky thump...........there's nowt to it!

Craig said...

Please, make then stop. You still have time to change your mind Jan.