Saturday, September 11, 2010

Memory lane

After spending quite a bit of time with my mother this past year, it became obvious that she needs a bit more practical help than can be given with us living in France.

So, whilst you may think that all we did during the last week in England was eat, drink and look beautiful, we actually worked hard with lots of driving, nodding, and smiling to see if we could find a house that we liked. It looks like we may have done it.

Of all the many places we looked at, the one that ticked all the right boxes is in Ripon, North Yorkshire. The house we have chosen has been built and modernized to a very high standard (unlike you - Ed) and will be perfect for Jan and I the dogs, as right outside our front door is a huge park and a cross country walk to Fountains Abbey, a place Jan once called the most peaceful place on earth. Added to that we're only half an hour away from chez mum

Given the flaky house buying system in England, we now have to wait and see if the purchase runs its course. Fingers crossed.


Craig said...

Fingers crossed indeed. Moving back for your Mum is a selfless change for you both.
But I can tell you that it's worth Mum is very grateful to have us so close and I'm sure that yours will be too.

Alex said...

Thanks Craig. That's very nice of you to say that.

Jean said...

Our main reason for not thinking seriously about moving to France is that my dad is 83 and needs me to be close by. He lives about 5 minutes away by car, which is very reassuring for the emergencies that have cropped up from time to time.

The idea of being free to move is a very bittersweet one. For now we just dream and are happy to have him around.

Alex said...

When I mentioned to mum that we were moving to be closer to her her first words were, "that means I can't come over to visit you any more."
Sods law at its best.