Thursday, August 13, 2009

The black hole called CPAM

Chatting to B today, who doesn't look anything like the photo above, he mentioned that he had still not received his Carte Vitale. France is in the process of renewing all its cards for a card that includes a photo. B, along with his wife, sent theirs off as requested, for renewal, on 24th February this year. His wife has received her card but B still hasn't received his. Many phone calls to CPAM, who issue the cards, have produced no results. All they get is a succession of excuses and nonsense. Bearing in mind that 25% of the working population work in the civil service, the system is obviously in total disarray.

When he goes to the pharmacy he would normally have to show his CV before any medicines can be dispensed. The pharmacist, who now knows B, noticed that the card had not arrived said, "Unbelievable, but not unusual."

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