Thursday, August 06, 2009

Customer service

Nothing gets my goat more than poor service combined with rudeness. We're waiting at the checkout in Intermarche Sommieres ("because the prawns are better there") and get thoroughly pissed off with people messing about in what is supposed to be the 'quick queue'. The cashier is obviously getting pissed off as well. We were the last in the queue. So what does she do as it come to our turn to pay, she starts to labouriously count out her notes so that she can send them in the tube to control? There is no one behind us and we have to stand there like lemons whilst she does a job that she can easily do a couple of minutes later with no interruption to anybody. To add to that, as we pay she takes a phone call, thrusts the receipt in Jan's direction and ignores us as we leave. Bitch.


mpprh said...

I've had the same experience.

Not sure, but could the software say "send notes now" and prevent further sales until it is done ?


Chris Waite said...

Keep making me laugh Alex!