Friday, May 04, 2007

I used to be indecisive, but now I'm not so sure

We'd been shopping for what seemed like several hours, my back was hurting and I needed a rest. So there I was sitting in the ladies shoe department in Marks and Spencer. The elderly lady on the next stool was sitting, staring and fiddling with a couple of pairs of shoes. She sat, she stared and she fiddled and this went on for 10 minutes or more. Jan had disappered into the bowels of the shop and this woman, and her obvious indecision, was driving me mad. I tried to read a newspaper but she kept distracting me. There was only one thing for it.

Me: Excuse me, but would you like an unbiased view?

She: Oh, yes please. Thank you very much, young man.

That just shows you how old she was.

Me: What do you want the shoes for?

She: I have to go to a wedding.

Me: Well, I think the pair that you are holding are just that little bit smarter. I particularly like the detail around the instep.

She: Yes, you're right, but this other pair are so comfortable.

Me: I understand your problem. Why don't you buy them both?

She: Ooooh, do you think so?

Me: Well you'd then have a smart pair and a comfortable pair.

She: Mnnnn, what a good idea. I'll do it. Thank you very much.

She tried both pairs on again, packed all her belongings, piled up all the other shoes that she had been trying on and left them on the floor and set off for the cash desk. Yet another satisfied customer. I got back to reading the paper and awaited my beloved's return. I'll invoice M&S for my services when I get home.

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