Friday, January 27, 2006

Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow

In anticipation of a trip to Paris in April, I booked tickets on the TGV. I have always wanted to take this train. Last time I drove directly to Paris, it took 7 hours and this journey takes about 3 hours. Because I booked ahead I got what I think is a good deal. For 2 of us, upper deck in first class, it came to 180 euros for the return journey. That's about £64 each. To drive would cost quite a bit more, involve twice the journey time and take a few years off my life. A no brainer really.


When we woke this morning, it was snowing heavily. The dogs, who have never seen snow, were a bit bemused. It was lovely to see Minnie gamboling in the snow. By way of proof, as if proof were needed, the photo above is a shot of the countryside from our bedroom window.


Chapter 2 of my book on understanding women will start with an in-depth study of the deeper meanings of the following encounter:

Jan: Why don't you choose a cheese that you like?

Alex: Ok, that's nice, I'll have that one.

Jan: No dearest, you can't have that one, it melts.

Alex: Oops sorry, I didn't realise that I only liked non-melting cheese.

Jan: Why are you so sarcastic?

You will note that the new improved me let Jan have the last word. I didn't swear or make any negative comment about consistent, rational or dictatorial behaviour. It's just as well that we have both got a good sense of humour.

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