Thursday, February 24, 2011

Proud dad

Max was sitting outside today soaking up some rays before he moves to Yarkshire on Monday. Clever dog!
I thought he looked particularly imposing and I couldn't resist this photo.


Craig said...

Handsome devil! Love the pointy ears. Is he vulcan?

Alex said...

Way back when we first got him they used to cut the ears as a matter of course. They had done it before we went to chose him and could say anything.
Having said that I now really like the look and it makes him look quite impressive.
Soon after we got him they enacted laws stating that breeders couldn't show their dogs if the ears were cut. A typical fudge but at least it stopped the practice.
Good to have you back in the 'real' world.

Craig said...

It's kind of the same with Old English now. Apparently you are not allowed to remove the tail anymore. I understand the reasoning but to me OES shouldn't have a tail... and no tail means no damage due to a fast moving tail inside the house!