Tuesday, February 15, 2011

The price of fish

As usual when we left Spain we filled up with diesel at that wonderful frontier town of La Jonquera. The well known truck stop for overnight stays prior to entering France.
The town is also well known for its proliferation of hookers and is locally known by English ex-pats as La Bonkera.
Fuel in Spain has always been considerably cheaper than France. However, when I noted the price it was 1.25 per litre which was no different to the price that I'd found locally in Nimes. Bugger I thought, they're trying to get the prices in line between the two countries.
Anyway when I got back home I noticed the pump price in my local Carrefour had shot up to 1.329. What's going on? An increase of 7 cents a litre over the weekend. Somebody is making and awful lot of money out there and it sure as hell isn't me!


Jean said...

Those that produce the oil and those that sell it are having a good laugh at our expense - literally - now that we have engineered ourselves into a situation where our whole lives depend on having a car to do anything we want to do. They could carry on hiking up the price indefinitely and people will carry on paying it because mobility is the last thing anyone wants to give up.

The government are doing pretty well out of it,too.

Craig said...

Wait till you get home... £1.28 for unleaded. What fries me is that when oil was £147 per barrel, petrol wasn't this expensive. Now it's "only" £100 per barrel and petrol is at a record high. As Jean said, the government and oil companies are making out like bandits.