Sunday, February 27, 2011

The last day in Languedoc

That's it. The final day. I'm exhausted.
It's so tiring watching Jan pack boxes but I'll soldier on bravely. She is working so hard and doing such a good job that I'll postpone today's performance appraisal and the usual resultant corrective interview. All I've got left to do is tell her where to put all the boxes and how to pack the cars. That shouldn't take long!
We leave at the crack of dawn tomorrow, OK, 8.30 feels like the crack of dawn to me, to get the dogs to the vet for their final jabs and then wend our way to the first stop near Troyes.
Under normal circumstances we'd drive further but the restrictions imposed on pet movement into the UK means that we can't cross until 24 hours have passed after the dogs jabs and not more than 48 hours. What's all that about?
Stupid English rules are already getting to me and I haven't even got there yet. I guess there'll be lots to rant about in the coming months but I suspect that 'the rules' will be minor in comparison to the rubbish that French citizens have to put up with.
Anyway, to follow the story you will now need to click on this link.
Thanks for reading and see you again soon.


Jean said...

Good luck. I have signed up with the new blog. See you soon.

graham3 said...

Thanks for your regular slices of life from the Languedoc - good luck with the trip back to Blighty (hope the dogs behave themselves). I'll be following your new life in t'other place!

Jan said...

You think he's joking?

Mother Theresa said...

Have a good trip, and I'll hop on over to the new blog. Good luck!

Alex said...

Jean, Graham and Theresa thank you for your kind words, I really appreciate your comments. Alex

Craig said...

Good luck with the drive guys!
I agree that the 24-48 hour worming rule is ridiculous but at least we can travel with our pets now... not like years ago. Look forward to the new blog.

wendz said...

Bon voyage Alex - it's been interesting and funny. Your blog has been one of the few personal blogs that are still worth reading.

I have subscribed to the new blog (and will continue to lurk.) :)

Alex said...

Craig and Wendz, thank you so much. I'll try my best not to let you down. This feels like my own version of the oscars. The bloscars maybe.

Tails said...

You really need a fifth character in your ongoing saga... but maybe that that could be "Ed"... That way Alex, Jan, Max, Minnie and "Ed" could be the new famous five...
Five go mad in Ripon could easily be a bestseller...
Good luck on the journey and we'll be sure to op in when we head to or from Scotland...
Toodle Pip!

Mirrorman said...

Best of luck with all your endeavours.


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